Frequent questions

If you are looking for the best dating sites available, always make sure you never leave anything out. It is essential that you ask questions and you will be amazed at how many of these have often been made by many other users looking for online dating sites. To help you with your research we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we have received over the years from our visitors. The experts of our editorial team have answered each of these questions.

With “online meetings” we refer to those sites that facilitate the organization of meetings or personal services via the Internet. It is not a matter of literally “meeting” people online, rather these sites provide their members with the means necessary to find and communicate more easily with singles more suited to them. It will then be up to you to get in touch with a possible partner and organize a meeting!

Absolutely not. Those prejudices are water past, today as today’s dating sites are increasingly popular among people of any kind and from anywhere in the world. Nowadays, an Italian in 50 has a profile on! In France, there is even a French citizen out of 15 on Meetic ! A 2010 survey compiled by the American site found that 17% of people who got married between 2007 and 2010 met online. It is yet another proof of how more and more people like us and you turn to your computer in search of love.

Since there are all kinds of dating sites, it is especially important that you consider what kind of relationship you are looking for and the type of site that is most congenial to you. That said, and this applies to any site you’ve decided to subscribe to, before doing so it will be essential that you ascertain your legitimacy. You should always be able to find reviews on that dating site from third parties and make sure that their Terms of Use and their Privacy Policy safeguard your personal information.

Online meetings are as safe as any other classic-style meeting, neither more nor less. If not even safer, according to many. This is because most dating sites require a verification by email and payment of a subscription, a great way to keep fraudsters, impostors and shady individuals away. In addition, any self-respecting dating site will provide its members with various privacy settings that will allow them to decide who will be contacted, what information they will share and much more. Despite this, it is worth reminding you that shady people can always meet at the bar downstairs as much as on the Internet. It will be up to you to use common sense whenever you participate in an online meeting. For example, before meeting in person it is always better to deepen their knowledge of the possible partner through Email and chat. Once you have decided to meet for the first time, you should choose a well-known public place, and in no case disclose your personal information to strangers.

The online meetings have a price that varies depending on the site of meetings that you choose. Some of these are completely free both as regards registration and their use. Others, however, will provide their members with a profile and basic options for research, but will limit the use of the means of communication to those who will pay a subscription. Finally, others will not allow access to anything until a user has first subscribed. From an economic point of view the free sites are obviously advantageous, but given their free nature, they are also overflowing with inactive profiles and time-wasting users. Furthermore, these sites are much more susceptible to spam and impostors because anyone can access them without providing personal or financial information. Usually the sites that require the payment of a subscription, however, are attended by singles who are seriously considering the possibility of meeting a possible partner and they particularly care about their anonymity and their own security. Furthermore, these sites often offer users assistance and a greater number of options. It will be up to you, of course, to decide a priori how much you think you should spend at a dating site and then register accordingly. Before taking out your credit card to complete the registration, however, make sure you know the prices, what are the various options for payment and, if applicable, how the automatic renewal works.

You can subscribe to as many dating sites as you think is appropriate, but remember that to have the best chance of success it would be better to focus completely on one site, rather than overdoing too many at the same time. If it’s your first time to look at the online dating scene, our advice is to sign up for two or three of your favorite dating sites. After more or less a week you will have an idea of ​​how each works and at that point you can clear the list by choosing the one that best suits you, thus concentrating your efforts only on that.

Each of the dating sites listed on our site has been evaluated by at least two members of our editorial team. We subscribe to the above site and evaluate the registration procedure, we also note the requirements for registration, options for the online profile, means for research and communication, ease of use, prices, security level , customer support and how active users are. The goal is to approach the site exactly as the user would do, discovering how easy it is to get in touch with other members, and finally succeed in organizing a successful meeting! Once the evaluation is complete, our editorial team will assign a rating of 1 to 5 for each of the above items. Our team will also investigate each of these sites, retrieving information about the brand, the management of the company and its rules. Finally, we will carefully gather customer reviews from each site and evaluate their overall satisfaction. Having done this, we will determine an overall judgment that will take into account all the factors mentioned above and we will count it and then determine which is the final top 10. Attention: our top 10 is a dynamic and constantly updated list. We will re-evaluate and eventually update our judgments based on the updates and new options introduced by the sites, and on the basis of the opinions we will receive directly from you.

Do not worry if you would like to ask us a different question from those listed above! For more information regarding online meetings, we suggest that you consult our database of informative articles that you can find here.