Iumeet is a practical and intelligent service that allows anyone to meet new people in any place and at any time of the day with a few easy moves. You can use it both from the web and from mobile in order to be always connected and open to the world. Thanks to the community of users who use it to make new friends, meet women and men and maybe even find the love of their life becomes a breeze.


Sending your position via SMS to a free number you will receive within a matter of seconds a message with the nickname of the nearest person, containing the place and time of the meeting. It is the so-called “Check In” by Iumeet . No chat, no difficult contacts and above all your phone number will not be diffused to anyone: the process to meet a person is streamlined to a minimum, returning an immediate and effective service. Everything revolves around the location and geographical proximity of people who at a given moment are seeking friendships in the community. Do not miss the FAQ area, with answers to the most frequent questions of users, interesting to better understand the features of the service, improve your profile and receive useful advice.

Registration mode

Registration with Iumeet is free and fast: just enter the nickname, a password, an email, mobile number and cap. You do not need to enter your first and last name. So to use it there are two types of subscription. “Star” is useful to make yourself known and become familiar with the service, “Vip” instead is perfect to invite, have the highest priority of meeting and decide the place. Basically to use at full capacity the great potential of Iumeet .

Easy to use

Texting “I’m here, I’m looking for a new friend”. Receive a text message “Giorgia awaits you in the local XY at 19”. And then he introduces himself to us. Very few gestures to be in full service, with a wide range of opportunities for meetings. With extreme ease. The focal point of Iumeet is simplicity: anyone can use it, no futuristic smartphone or app to download. All this increases the potential of Iumeet , making it really handy for an infinite number of people.

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