Loovedate is one of the most famous internet & mobile services dating , very similar to a real social network. He is able to put two people in search of new friendships and make them meet and get to know each other. In particular, the service can boast 100% of real users among the members. The strong point is the geographical position: Loovedate creates a network of people willing to get involved and favors contacts based on the time of day and place.


Each registered user has his own personal page on Loovedate . This page should therefore be taken care of, inserting photos and information about themselves (it is not mandatory). Once this is done, it is possible to start a tour of the potential of the service: in fact, there is also a chat service with other users, starting the search for other people. The decisive point of Loovedate, however, concerns the position: from the site, once registered, you can enter your position. Just enter “Bar Gallo d’Oro” or “Piazza Ivrea Milano” and then the “magic” will start: Loovedate will give you a map with all the users close to you looking for friendship. The first contact will then take place through the chat but the gist of the speech is: “We are close, a few hundred meters away, and we both want to meet new people: let’s meet!”. The service works on the web, both desktop and mobile: the ability to use the smartphone for Loovedate makes it immediately available everywhere.

Registration mode

Another strong point of the service is the ease of access: registering is really simple and fast, as well as free. In a few seconds and inserting quick information inside a form you will register: among these the cap stands out , thanks to which Loovedate will propose you the “map”. It is therefore possible to insert both the house’s own cap and that of the country in which you are located. In a second moment the research can be refined. Another key step is privacy: no need to enter your name, just the user name. The mobile number will be visible only to the owner: it will not be disclosed and shown to anyone else.

Easy to use

Once you have entered your position you will have a “map”, a map showing the position of the users with an approximation of one kilometer. Each user present in the arc of the area represented (provided according to your position) is represented with a symbol, by clicking on this symbol you can view the personal page, start chatting and agree for the meeting. Basically it takes just a few minutes (or even seconds) to start meeting new people.

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